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September 10 2013

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true story
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March 19 2011


February 19 2011

October 17 2009

fuck you, spambots!^^
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June 26 2009

Folding a cat properly.
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May 29 2009


March 02 2008


Richard Feynman, the Challenger Disaster, and Software Engineering

Gustavo Duarte argues: "It's common to hear we suck at software because it's a 'young discipline', as if the knowledge to do right has not yet been attained. Bollocks! We suck because we constantly ignore well-established, empirically proven practices.

February 19 2008

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Enclosed, but not encrypted

An AES label alone does not ensure that your data are protected. We look at one hard drive enclosure with an RFID key -- not because it's a particularly bad example, but rather because it's probably quite typical of lots of similar products.
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February 18 2008


Web video nasties being used to spread malware

Extremely successful viral marketing for video nasties has recently been living up to its name. Credit card fraud, spyware and spam are often what you get instead of the anticipated Flash movie.

Apache tool generates password hashes using predictable salts

When hashing passwords, htpasswd does not use the full potential number space for salts, reducing the effective length from 48 to 29 bits.

Vulnerability in OpenCA allows attackers to generate unauthorised certificates

A cross-site request forgery vulnerability allows attackers to gain administrator access on OpenCA. An unofficial patch intended to fix the problem is available.

Patches for MoinMoin Wiki system

Two XSS vulnerabilities and a directory traversal hole in the Python-based MoinMoin Wiki system have been closed.

Steer clear of Vista Service Pack, tests warn

The first Service Pack for Windows Vista is already available on the internet, but users should not take any chances yet. Even Microsoft admits problems.

Sophos: Linux machines hijacked for botnets

As Linux servers usually operate around the clock they are a popular target for criminals who turn hijacked servers into control servers for running botnets, says the antivirus vendor.

February 15 2008


EU Commission criticises colour laser watermarks

The EU's Justice Commissioner Franco Frattini says that while the "tracking dots" that colour laser printers of various manufacturers put on printouts do not violate any specific law, the same may not apply for privacy stipulations.

Yet another Big Brother database for the UK

The UK examination passes database goes live soon, creating a centralised record of everyone's qualifications, supposedly for the benefit of employers and educational establishments.
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